Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spending Valentines in Singapore: Where to Dine

Spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart in Singapore? There are plenty of places you could go to, depending on preference and taste—yours and those of your partner’s. Does she love Mexican food? Can he live on pizza? Does she want soup, dimsum, and some congee? Do you want meatballs and spaghetti?

If you have no idea where to start, why not research online? Try reading all the food blogs you think offer meaty suggestions. Start with just one food blog in Singapore you think is interesting. By the time you finish the entire lot, you’ll notice a lot of the same favorites or mainstays on many food blogger lists of Valentine’s Day date places. 
Here are a few: 
Italian restaurants. One of them, Ristorante Pietrasanta, is located in 5B Portsdown Road, and open from Wednesdays to Mondays on a 11:30 am to 2:30 pm schedule, as well as from 6pm to 10 pm. If you want to go for spaghetti and wine surrounded with the romantic ambiance of the place, this is your pick. 

Japanese restaurants. Fukuichi is one of the many popular choices. It offers set meals at wonderful rates, so you won’t have to burn through a month’s cash just to give your sweetheart a good time.  It’s located at 111 Somerset Road. Ask around the area if you don’t know where. Nearly everyone knows where it is.  

American restaurants – either the ones that offer burgers, mac, chips and pasta or one with steaks and potatoes, if your sweetheart likes American comfort food and fare, then the Five and Dime Eatery along the River Valley Road is a good choice.  

Stunner Restaurants. These are restaurants sure to leave your Valentine squeeze with the best Valentine’s Day dinner ever. From view, to ambiance to every minute detail of the experience—the dinner, the dessert, the staff—everything is a coordinated, well-oiled machine that you’d be hard-pressed not to be impressed yourself. You could try out the Salt Grill Restaurant, located at the top of Ion Orchard if you’re set on this sort of experience. 

Here are only a few choices that you could try out with your date. Spending Valentine’s Day in Singapore is romantic. But already getting to spend time with someone you love is even more special. A romantic dinner—whether in a hole-in-the-wall place or a pretty and famous bistro—is just extra. 

Just one thing though. If you can, why not try celebrating Valentine’s Day a few days early or late? This way, you won’t have to contend with the inevitable crowd—the surge and rush of people everywhere, everyone else, out for the evening and for the same reasons you are: that is, to have a good time. You could also enjoy better service during when you celebrate on a non-Valentine’s day because it’s often hectic in some kitchens come V-Day.

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